Add Triggering sprinkler events to watch

I’d like to trigger watering events from my watch.

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Please add the ability to view and turn on/off a specific sprinkler zone from the watch. Since both are wyze products, this should be a very simple ‘app’ to add.

Hi Brian, the Sprinkler will have a “quick run” and “pause for 5 minutes” action available in the Rules engine (2.23 app release). Then you can create a shortcut button in the Watch home screen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortcut to stop or water a zone outside of the Wyze app. Is there a reason why your schedule or weather skips cannot handle that function automatically?

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i water after the dogs have been out, would be nice to just have a button on my watch for a quick rinse

Schedule works, but if i need to adjust a sprinkler, it would be good to be able to just run one zone from my watch, turn it on / off, since I’m wearing it. Or if part of my flowers need extra water one afternoon. Why by devices from one company if they don’t connect? Is there an open source way I can write my own watch app?

Hi all, I have a correction. We will be adding “Start watering” and “Stop watering” to Rules. For “Start watering”, you can choose which zone and for how long.

You will be able to add this to Rules → Shortcuts, which means you can access it directly from your watch!

This will be in the Wyze app version 2.22.

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I don’t see how to do this? Can you elaborate? I don’t see the sprinkler controller in the list for ‘device actions’ or any of them really. I have version 2.22.21 of the app on my android phone.

@brian12 Sorry for the confusion - I just clarified with the Watch PM. There is an app on the Watch screen called “Shortcuts”. You can add it in the Wyze app, then find it on the Watch’s Shortcuts app.

@halloweenman That’s odd, it works for me in Rules. I added a Shortcut for the sprinkler. Maybe close and refresh the app? If that doesn’t work, I can ask a developer if you have a log ID.

i cleared the app cache, i tried to force quit the app, i logged out and logged back in. Sprinkler does not show up in the lis for ‘select product’ to add an action. Does not show up in my iPad version either (sprinkler not in the list of devices)

I don’t have a log since it’s not ‘erroring’

Ah, according to our Platform PM, we have some problems with migrating users to the new Rules engine, so the migration process is temporarily stopped.

Only 20% of users have been migrated so far. They are working on it!