Possible to turn sprinkler zone on for x mins one time?

There are times when I need to turn 1 or 2 sprinkler zones on now for extra watering. I can do this snow with my existing sprinkler system. Just pick the zone and say turn on now for x mins. This would not be a scheduled event but a 1 time event.

Can the Wyze sprinkler do this?

Yes, on the main page of the controller, click the little water bubble on the lower right hand side. The quick run menu pops up on the bottom, click water specific zones, select the zones you want, set the run time and off they go.

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Perfect - Thank you.

I like the sprinkler controller, but the software is sure overly complicated. They could have made it much easier to use.

Remove the adds, , give the ability to add the devices you have/use instead of an all encompassing system (all types of devices you may or may not have). Fix the broken link for forum. Sometimes simple is better