Sprinkler On/Off Switch in App

It would be nice have an ON/OFF button in the APP like the WYZE cameras have beside each. I would like shut the WYZE Sprinkler OFF when not needed rather then unplug it.

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Thanks for the request! If you want to stop all watering you can go to settings > schedules > disable schedules. You shouldn’t need to unplug the device. Let me know if that helps!

Thank you, WyzeMike…I found that setting. I hope to see an On/Off button similar to Wyze Cams on the device summary home page.

There should be a master “off” switch on the main sprinkler control page in the Wyze app so that you can easily and quickly disable the watering process. Say, for instance, you don’t want the sprinklers to run tomorrow because you just put on weed and feed and it says “don’t water for 48 hours”.

Currently from the sprinkler controller page in the app you have to press the gear icon, press “schedules”, and then press the “enable schedules” toggle to toggle it off. Yes, it’s only 3 steps but why not be able to do it with 1 press on the main screen?


I agree and noticed this right away after installing my WYZE Sprinkler. It seems inconsistent with other WYZE devices. I hope they can add this as it would also make a quick and better way to know if the system is On or Off.

And it would be nice to have this as a shortcut feature from within the Wyze Watch.

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Yes, I agree that this would be a very nice feature on the Wyze Watch.

I would still like an On/Off button added to the Wyze App “Home Page” rather than having to go in to Sprinkler - Settings - Schedules - Enable Schedules. Too complicated. Please just move that Enable button to the App “Home Page”.

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