Spotlight with my first OG doesn’t come on when a motion is detected

Do we need CamPlus if we want the spotlight of the OG comes on when a motion is detected or it is a bug in the firmware? No issue to light it on manually though.

Ver: 1.0.67

Good to see you @gyzmo, been awhile.

Cam Plus is not needed. Assuming you are testing this when it’s dark?

I am pretty sure the spotlight is based on the amount of light around the camera for determining when it is “dark” but I am not sure what the % of the illumination is. Is the camera in a well lit place in the dark?


I’ll check it tonight . Yet in my backyard, it is almost completely dark. I changed it for a V3 yesterday. The OG is in my garage at the moment. I’ll see what I do with it. I prefer V3. Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:


For sure. I’ll test one as well removing CP, just to make sure.


An update:

In my garage, no light (0 lux), the projector turns on when motion is detected as you mentioned. In my back yard, I have very weak lighting of 2 lux if I rely on my Philips Hue motion detector 6 feet from the cam. I have 2 leds of 2.5w. My camera was 40 feet away and 90 degrees from my LEDs. When motion was detected, the spot did not light up. I find that the maximum threshold is too low on the OG. It should be set higher.

Thank you again for your input🙂.