OG spotlight, only works sometimes in

I just received a black OG and don’t understand when the spotlight is supposed to come on. I have it set to auto. I have it set for it to come on for motion or sound.

I don’t know what level of dark is needed to set these triggers. However, it seemed dark enough and I’m waving in front of it and it’s recording but not turning the light on. I went out for the evening and I have motion events where the light is not on and a couple where the light is on. All these were about the same, caused by bugs Flying by. No schedule is set.

So when is the spotlight supposed to come on? And will the spotlight come on during the 5 minute cooldown.?

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Wow. I came here for the exact same issue(new black OG). The spotlight only works predictably on manual mode. On the Auto mode, I also enabled both motion & sound, and set highest sensitivity, but no joy.
Motion tagging works good (which means cam is detecting motion correctly) but still the spotlight does not turn on, even in pitch dark. It did work once randomly on sound/voice, but that was it.

So what is manual mode and how does it work?
How can I turn on the spotlight to verify it responds to a command?
Do you feel the setting combo of sound and motion to be the issue?

My recent test showed it took about 8 seconds after trigger for the spotlight to turn on,