OG Camera Light doesn’t come on

I think it’s a feature/bug… but the spotlight doesn’t come on when there’s movement unless night vision mode is activated/on.

I prefer to keep the night vision setting to off, as there’s just enough light for my camera still to get a better picture than in IR mode. But I still want the spot light to come on when there’s movement.
With the spotlight set to auto (and motion/sound detection on), I would expect it to illuminate when it’s dark and there is movement.

It doesn’t make sense to restrict the spotlight to only come on automatically if night mode (IR) is activated/on.
It’d be nice if the Night vision conditions setting (dark or dusk) was used to specify how dark it needs to be auto illuminate too.

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Hello, my spotlight on my OG cam does not seem to work with motion. I have tried different settings, I will try what you said here to use IR in night mode.