OG Spotlight cool down period?

This seems to have a “cool-down” period where the spotlight doesn’t trigger for a few mins after an activation.

Is the spotlight functionality also tied to having a CamPlus subscription?

Else, there should be some way to see and set this - if even just to indicate that a cool down period is there…

The spotlight is triggered by camera motion detection, so if the camera motion detection is in cooldown period, the spotlight wouldn’t get triggered.

That being said, I’m on Cam Plus and still the spotlight wouldn’t come back on when I walked by it about a minute later. Not sure what happened there, as the person detection should have triggered as well but I don’t have event recording for that, nor can I load the playback right now…

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That is correct. Since the spotlight is a function of Activation on Motion, as are Event Thumbnail uploads, the spotlight will only activate when an upload occurs at the end of the 5m cooldown.

Since CamPlus features back to back Full Length Video Event uploads, the Spotlight on Motion Activation would turn in with every Motion Activated Event.

The only option for the Spotlight Activate on Motion is in the Cam Settings and it is on or off.

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Actually I take back what I said about spotlight not coming on despite Cam Plus. Tonight I walked by the OG several times in quick succession and the spotlight came on every time.

If you need a light that comes on every time, I would suggest getting some cheap solar motion lights with PIR sensors that are actually brighter than the OG spotlight. I have them near my OG and their lights come on faster (by 1-2 seconds) too.

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Thanks for the confirmations. It would have been nice if the spotlight could have operated independently and not be subject to cool down periods - even if video were not being uploaded during such a cool down period…

Honestly I wish Wyze can have a recording-less Cam Plus Lite but with no cooldown period.

Not sure if it would be financially feasible, but I honestly don’t mind a few clicks to see my SD playback if I can get no cooldown period. Event thumbnail and timestamp is all I need.

By the way, you can also set your spotlight to turn on for 5 mins via rule when motion is detected, so you can skip over this cooldown period.

ideally spotlight activation should be decoupled from recording and have zero cooldown even if recording cooldown (local SD or otherwise) is still kept at 5 minutes. though it’d really be nice if local recording cooldown was shortened as 256GB SD card size now makes storage space a non-issue.

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