OG Cams without Cam Plus - - is there a cool down?

Do the new OG cams have the same limitations as other Wyze cams that impose a 5 min or 1 min cool down period if the camera is not on a Cam Plus subscription?

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Yes, but you can install a SD card to give the videos back.

When the picture-only notification comes in you just press the ‘Playback’ button on it, and the app will go to your SD card for the video. If you are in continuous record mode on the SD card you can watch hours of video from there, not just 12 seconds.

You still only get a notification once every 5 minutes, but you should be looking at the live stream or event capture after you are first notified, so that should have little effect. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Good info and much appreciated. :+1:t3:

For me, it’s academic because I do have Cam Plus for my OG. But the impact (without a subscription) is potentially more problematic than that.

If an event of significant interest happens within the cool down period after something unimportant triggers an event notification, the user will not know to look at the SD card footage and will likely never know the significant event happened.