Spotlight - Very Limited use?

I received my Spotlight today. Put it on right away (of course) and quickly learned that it doesn’t do very much… It can be turned on manually. It can be setup to turn on with ANY motion. It can be setup to turn on in the dark automatically.

But you can’t script it to turn on automatically if a person is detected or a door opens or anything happens… You can’t make it do anything with a trigger or motion.

Are there plans in the future to be able to do this? I think this light is perfect for a closet or basement that has no ambient light. The cameras have such good night vision that I don’t think I need it for my backyard (although, the little light really helps the camera see).

I’m just curious if that’s all we’re going to get in terms of functionality with the Spotlight?


I agree, I would at least like to limit the motion trigger to person detection. The V3 doesn’t have a motion sensor so there are way too many plain motion triggers outside. The spotlight in my back yard isn’t so bad, but the one in the front would be going on and off way too often with cars or the way the trees are in my front yard.

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I received mine today and set it up but quickly found out in doesn’t work with motion detection! If I have turn on with motion and turn on at dark it stays on all the time. If I have motion turned on in the spotlight without turn on at dark and it never comes on. Edit to say I did get mine to work. Not sure what was going on but it would start cycling from on to off every 45 sec’s so I then turned the spotlight on and off in the app several times and it started to work as it should. Just acted plain weird like it had a mind of its own.

Funny you say that. I installed mine yesterday and had it set to come on when dark, but only with motion. But when I let the dog out tonight, I noticed it wouldn’t come on with her walking around out there, even though I could see the green box motion tagging . Anyway, long story, short, I rebooted the camera in the app and it started working properly with motion.

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I think it would be great if it could detect person and not only motion.

I’ve installed mine 2 weeks ago. And the spotlight triggers every minute. And that causes that other Wyze came to also trigger at the moment that the 1st one turn on its light.

Ending in 3 o 5 notifications on my phone every minute.

Had to turn spotlight totally off at night. So no point for me to had bought all of them now

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Definitely needs more functionality. Just received mine today. Was very sad to learn that it only has to option for always on or motion activated, but no option to come on only with person detection. I have 2 cameras out front and when one turns on from any kind of motion it automatically triggers the second camera and the 1st one goes off but when the 2nd one goes off it triggers the first one to trip again which entails the 2nd one to come on again and it just keeps doing that over and over again.

Really needs a way to only trigger from motion detection.