Spotlight control : dusk to dawn trigger, time on

Cam-og has a spotlight that only turns on with motion when it’s “very dark”.

  1. Spot light turns on with any motion (any time)
  2. spot light active from dusk to dawn
  3. select duration light is on when triggered

This will help if the user wants to let people know they are being recorded.

[MODE EDIT] Although this can be accomplished via a Rule, the request is as follows:

Allow for more detailed Spotlight options from the Device Settings page. Options should include a time interval for when triggering and the duration the light should be on.

Similarly, or alternatively, to the request above, a “brightness threshold” control would be very useful to allow the spotlight to turn on when motion is detected in locations which the camera doesn’t consider to be dark enough.

Scenarios where this is useful:

  • Use as deterrent to anyone approaching the property at night
  • Illuminate a dark porch, even though the camera doesn’t trigger because of a far-away streetlight in the field of view

While this can be accomplished through rules, rules are much slower to react and may depend on a working internet connection and cloud infrastructure. An on-camera implementation would be much more reliable and fast to act.