Spiders Are A Constant Battle

Spiders have been a constant thorn on my side.

I’ve used two different sprays that are supposed to last for days but they don’t work. But how do I fight a spider that casts its web toward the camera?

I’ve gotten a 6ft feather-type duster thing to wipe away the web, but they pop right back up.

And how do I fight webs that are casted?

I don’t think the spider is “ballooning”, it looks more like it’s web-casting

I just spent a bit of time having to delete at least 50 events over this nonsense.

Watch the lower-right of the video…


Turning off the IR lights and using a different light source? A standalone ir blaster that is mounted off axis from where the camera is looking?



I’ve been thinking of getting something like this…

But that would mean I’d have to turn off the IR on the camera, right?

Because the spider will still be attracted to the camera’s IR


I stopped the spider mess by turning off infrared on cams that record at night. For areas that I need infrared, I repurpose old v2/v3 cams as IR emitters only (no recording) and place them at least 6 feet away, but pointing at the same view. You could also use either a 3rd party IR blaster or any LED light source. This also mitigates the flying bugs, rain, snow etc. problems at night.


Oh yea…I forget that you can keep the night vision without using the IR bulbs.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and get the IR thing I posted about above


I have also installed IR Spotlights on the 4 corners of the house a couple feet from my cams and turned off the cam IR lights to cut down on bug and spider activations.

Why? Wyze is going to delete those for you in 14 days anyway. I stopped going thru the hassle of deleting Event videos a couple hours after starting to use them when I realized how pointless it was.


Remember…I archive the SD cards.

Especially the 2K and Pan Cam

Plus I’ve stated using 512GB, which hopefully will last 1 1/2 to two months.


When you say “50 events”, are you talking about the cloud events? Or the SD events in the card? @SlabSlayer is talking about the cloud events, which are automatically deleted after the 14 day since upload happens. You are talking about the SD card local storage footage, which is a separate function than cloud recording. How are you deleting the 50 events from SD card footage?


most effective is turning off the IR lights as stated above.

In addition, something that can help is to apply a thin coat of lubricant to the camera to make it too slippery for spiders to attach their webs. I’ve heard that people have had success with teflon spray, silicone or Vaseline (cover lens with something before applying).

Some strong scents near it can help: peppermint oil, lemon juice, citrus peels, oils; flea collar. A fan blowing across the camera can make webbing impossible.


I’m talking about the events in the Wyze app…which sucks to do because they don’t have a bulk delete option except for the 15 or so it displays at a time.

The app needs a better bulk delete, along with more filtering options, Like some boolean for Not and Nor

But rain will wash that stuff away, no?

Those are your cloud saved event clips, which are automatically deleted after 14 days. Those are NOT your SD card saved local storage footage.

Do this, scroll to the bottom of the day, keep scrolling to the bottom so all events load. When you get to the bottom or start of the day, then do the select all or check all that you want to delete, then mass delete. I’ve deleted hundreds upon hundreds of events at once that way. Or just leave them and they will be deleted after 14 deleted automatically.

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Wow… I had no idea I could do that. It would have saved a lot of time lol

When you delete from the Events in the app does it not also delete Events saved on the card?

I’ve been deleting these spiderweb vids thinking it would increase the available space on the card.

I also have a new question:

While I can go back a few days when I open the SD card link I can see everything that’s been recorded, But I can’t figure out how to do the same when I upload the card to my PC

No. Anything in the event tab of the app is your cloud event storage. This:

The only way to delete SD card footage is to format the whole card via the app, or take the card out of the camera, and then view the files in a computer and delete the files that way, then place the card back in the camera.

When you view the card via placing the card into a computer. You will see folders that are for each day, then within those folders are hourly folders, then in those are individual minute block videos. Is your micro SD card setting set to events only or continuous? You can only see your SD card saved footage when looking at the card in a computer. You won’t see your cloud clips on the card. Again, seperate and independent functions.

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To get rid of the spiderwebs I built and Arduino Nano device that slips over the camera and runs a motor below it. The motor spins a thread every 10 minutes like a weed whip. This clears the spiderwebs.

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Ideal would be Wyze making an infrared version of its cam light with a splitter to run one or two 5 ft cords to get the IR away from the camera and add light directional control. Have it work just like the existing add on visible light, just IR on a 5 ft cord. Spiders are a major Wyze night problem that could easily solved by Wyze. Also sell it as an included option on new cameras.



I bought that IR light thing I posted about above.

It’s been too hot outside to attach it to the wall, so I stuck it temporarily on top of one of my bushes.

First image is the 2K camera with no IR

Second image is the 2K camera using the IR in the camera.

Third photo is the new external IR light.

The difference is massive!


sounds like a great solution
got any photos or videos of it in action?

This is a great idea!

A very small IR light up to ten feet away from the actual camera would be ideal for me.

The external IR light I got is way too bright and washes out anyone who gets less than 20ft away. Though you can zoom in to get better details on the subject.

Why not add your idea to the wish-list here in the forums?

Just added it to Wishlist. Not yet past moderator. All the IR lights I’ve seen for sale are far too powerful. Meant for things 40 ft away. Turn everything under 10 ft to pure white blob.

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