Spiders and IR lights issue

I like to use my IR lights on some of my V3 and V4 cameras that are outside. My problem is that I also have the occasional spider crawling around my lens’s and creating very bad images (spider webs and spiders) glowing in the video and keeping it on most of the time. I have tried Spider replant spray and it doesn’t seem to help remove the villains.`Has anyone found a good solution for this VERY annoying problem ? :spider_web:

You mean something like this?

Your best defence is the broom :rofl:

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Yes, your photos are exactly what I mean. Was hoping someone would have found a repellent that works well. I’m using this with “Some” success. But minimal.

I find all those spray on type repellents equivalent to snake oil :slight_smile:

Turn off the IR LEDs in the camera, and add an external IR floodlight, If the spiders are attracted to the IR lights, that will put them somewhere else.

I have IR lights off and have my v3 behind a double pane window. Spiders must just love Wyze cameras.


Yes they do, they love the heat that the cams produce.

Thanks guys, I will just keep spraying daily and hope it discourages them.

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Just make sure you don’t spray the cameras. The sticky residue from the repellant will attract dirt and might clog the vent/speaker holes. Not to mention make the lense foggy.

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Thanks Habib,
I have been placing a baggie over the cameras when I spray and cleaning the len’s regularly.

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Additionally I use Silicon cases on all of my outdoor cams…Tlhutch4

You can call me nuts, but try this…
We have a serious amount of ants and spiders around here. I had read somewhere both do no care for mint or citrus, so I started using Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaning spay (LEMON VERBENA SCENT) . Daily, and every single time I did something on the counters (Used to use white vinegar mostly).
Maybe it is a fluke but last summer and so far this year, window sills and countertops that are normally infested have not had any problems like I used to.

I buy the concentrate and just refill the bottles with it mixed with distilled water.
It’s worth a try and if i doesn’t work you have some nice smelling cleaner to still use around the house, so it’s not a total waste of money.
I’ve also heard that the rinds of oranges and lemons are spider repellents. Rubbing them in areas you find them.

DO NOTE: Using actual mint and citrus oils (essences) are toxic to dogs and cats,
A lot of sites recommend certain essential oils, but if you plan to go that route, make sure it is well away from ingestion or walking through areas that have been treated. They even say oil diffusers are bad for pets, so maybe inhalation as well, not sure. I guess always look up if a certain oil is toxic to your cat or dog before slathering it all over the place.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it…thanks again