Spider webs

Spiders are a big thing in the fall around where I live and they prefer webbing in front of my cameras. This triggers the motion sensing and creates light flicker and is just a p…
It’s not really a camera issue, but related.
Ideas anyone, maybe some clever AI?

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You can clear spider webs with a stick, but if you are a cam plus subscriber you can also tell the camera only to notify you when people, vehicles, etc are noted, and nothing else.


This problem certainly isn’t unique to Wyze cameras. It has been a long standing problem with my Zmodo cameras, so much so that I purchased and extending duster just for the purpose of clearing them off as needed.

I currently only have one Wyze camera currently mounted externally and it hasn’t been plagued (but it also has the IR turned off, as the reflection back from a nearby surface makes the night vision useless). That suggests that a longer term solution would be to turn the IR off and use an off-camera IR source (or depend on v3’s color night vision).

That is a spot-on description of my problem, too. Separate IR illumination can very well be the answer (and the gentle brooming).


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