Wyze IR illuminator on 1 ft wire away from lens (keeps spiders away from lens

Wyze V3 is amazing. Biggest V# problem even with Plus is IR illuminator located next to the lens so spiders build webs on the camera in front of the lens and trigger 300 events per night/camera. With 5 V3s, this has created 1000 false events sent to Wyze server/ night. Spider webs create a massive data overload at Wyze servers.
Having the IR illuminator the end of a 1 ft wire but still powered, controlled by the Wyze camera would stop this massive data load in tens of thousands of Wyze cameras and greatly increase the value of the Wyze product. From May through Sept, 50% of the data load to Wyze is nonstop false spider web events.
Other option is a Wyze Spider repellant patches that lightly adhere to front of camera, replaced every 30-60 days during spider season. Wyze can greatly reduce data load by selling 30 packs of Spider Gone tested adhesive repellent pads with holes the right place for each camera. Lower Wyze costs. Make Wyze products worth more.

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Spider webs are my v3’s worst enemy .

Since I’ve had my v3’s 8 months ago, no matter what spider webs have been labeled as people , pets , vehicles and packages … screenshots below for proof

I didn’t mind it in the beginning but lately it’s gradually gotten worse . I’ve been submitting the feedback for months but to no improvement whatsoever

Yes spiders are so annoying for any security cam with night vision.

These are good idea, I would create a #wishlist post for these so others can vote on them.
Make sure to vote on them yourself!

Wyze testing, then selling anti spider camera masks, pre-hole punched for lens, sensor, ir illuminator. Seems like the best solution for existing cameras. Could be manufactured, cut into on 8.5 by 11 sheets, tri-folded and 2 sheets auto filled into envelopes at the printer. When ordered, machine just print addresses, postage and mails out for 50Cents envelope postage from a fulfillment center.

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