Sound Events being recorded - but not supposed to

Does anyone have a camera that is recording sound events even though the toggle is set to off? This is for a V3 camera. (not pan).

I have contacted support, provided a log. Log # 663303. Factory reset the camera, assigned a CamPlus license… toggled / untoggled sound… took the CamPlus license away and did everything again???

Still recording sound events in the event log… Other V3’s are working just fine.

Thoughts anyone?


Have you tried clearing the app cache, logging out, force closing and logging back in?

The app cache may not be updating with settings changes properly and pushing them up to the cloud… So the cloud thinks the setting is still on for that cam.

The only step I haven’t tried is logging out… Testing now.

I am adding into the mix, giving it a Cam Plus license…

Sidenote: I’m noticing my Beta Wyze app has removed “person detected” notifications for “Cam Plus Lite” licenses now? You can record Person based events, but the ability to notify yourself appears to have been removed.

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I noted in my description that I had already done that. Support suggested the same thing.

So far, no sound events this evening, I will know more by morning I’m sure.

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I missed that you are on the beta… All bets are off and I am taking my leave. You are a braver man than I! Good Luck!

I am sorry you are having this issue, we do know about it and it should be fixed in an upcoming app update.


@WyzeJasonJ - Thank You for the response!

No worries on my end. Just a bug to sort out, not a big deal.

The response goes a long way in my book towards customer relations. Keep up the good work.


Thank you, it is one of my goals to try and improve communication from Wyze on the forum.


Thank you :+1:t3:

I noticed that with the latest beta app (and v3 firmware?), if you have AI detection settings toggled on that are based on sound (barking, meowing, crying), you will record these events and receive sound notifications regardless of other sound toggles.