Disable sound detection without disabling motion

Please please please, add the ability to turn off sound detection without disabling motion.

I have numerous areas that have regular (and expected) noises like furnace room, garage, hallway near exit that even with the sound detection turned down, inundate me with alerts and recordings.

I’m not the only one!

Love your products otherwise!

Welcome to the community @mkuh . I am a community member as well, but try to help when I can.

To turn off sound Notifications do this:

  • Start a Live Stream of the Camera you want to turn it off of (Repeat this for all Camea’s)
  • Click on the Gear in the Top Right
  • Tap on Event Recording and Turn off Detects Sound
  • Go To Notifications and ensure Sound Events is either off or says this.
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This is a current feature. Check under each cameras event recording settings menu.

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Thanks. I’ve now set:

Detection settings: Sound =1
Event Recordings: Sound = Off
Notifications: Sound = Off

Seems like if Detection setting could just be turned off, the other two would be irrelevant.

All you need is “detects sound” toggled off. Toggling that off takes the others out of play.