Hello, I just received my Wyze Cam OG and I am unfamiliar with the UI for this camera and it’s settings. Is there a way to turn off sound event notifications while still recording sound events?

Yes, you would enable the Sound Events in the Event Recording Page. Then in Notifications when you tap on Manage, make sure sound events are set for Tag and not Notify.


Thank you for the help! I seem to be missing something… Probably something simple, but I am not seeing a sound event notification option. Am I looking in the right place?

The only way to get the Sound Events toggles to show in the Customize Recordings screen is if you have All Events selected in Event Recording under Recording Preferences. It will not show if you have Smart Detection Events selected.

The cam will also only upload Sound Events if the Sound toggle is on within the Event Recording settings under Record Events Triggered By.


Thank you for this solution. It was driving me crazy getting sound alerts on my phone and I couldn’t find the option to turn them off. These settings fixed my issue.

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