Rules - no actions to turn off/on for sound detection

But the are actions for turn off/on for motion detection. Is there a good reason why? I doubt it, an oversight on wyze’s part.

Maybe in the next app & firmware update…


Was there an issue with the sound?

Nope, same thing on four V3’s.

So you had no issue with V3 sound, it was loud, crisp and clear?

Yes, it’s not a sound issue. It’s an app issue, no code for actions to turn off/on sound detection.

V3 has ability to turn off sound detection. The WCO does not but it has a toggle to turn off sound recording. The WCO probably doesn’t have “Sound Detection” because every outdoors noise would set it off and kill the battery faster?

Very disappointing that it’s more than a year and still no Action exists in the Rules to Enable/Disable the Sound detection, just like Motion Detection. I never needed the sound detection before, but I just installed 9 camera at en empty building and the sound detection is great, but I need to turn both of them off when people are legitimately in the building. Very frustrating.

Personally I’d just like a rule to disable/enable “Alerts” of all kinds. But only enable those that were disabled. So a camera that never had Sound Detection enabled would not have it turned on. You can Turn OFF/ON the camera, but I really don’t want to do that.

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Anything?? I have a rule to turn off my interior camera’s motion detection on my worksite but I get notifications about sound all day long.

it seems that all “rule/automation” requests are being grouped into this wishlist thread:
Add More Actions for Wyze Rules - Wishlist / In Progress - Wyze Forum

You can vote for it but I dont hold your breath for any improvements as this thread has been open since 2018…

Actually, the rules team is slowly working their way through this multitude of requests. Not all will be implemented (not even eventually), but some are getting done. For example " * Turn Floodlight Pro Motion Warning on/off" was just recently added.