New OG and PanCam V3 - no sound recording or notifications

Earlier this week I received four new OG cams and a new CamPan V3.

Setup went perfectly …
All cameras and my iPhone 14 ProMax are current with updates
All settings for sound are turned on
All settings for motion are turned on less the ones that do not apply … package vehicle, etc.
Signal strength is good

Problem …
I am not receiving sound notification nor sound event recordings.
I am receiving motion notifications, motion event recordings and “you are being recorded” voice warning

I have turned off, turned on and restarted each of the cameras, restarted the phone and iPad but nothing seems to get anything to do with sound recording or notifications working.

And just as reference … my three older V2 cams all work fine for motion and sound notifications and recordings.

Any suggestions before I contact Wyze ?


What are your event recording settings in regards to sound? What are your detection settings in regards to sound? Screen shots of those pages will help lots. What is the actual firmware in the cameras? What actual app version are you using?

Saying updates are current helps, but doesn’t give the full picture as are you in production? Are you on beta? There may be a slow roll out of new firmware or app and the newest update may have not hit you yet. Best practice is to always say actual numbers when talking about versions.

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Apologies … Gotcha

Here is the info I missed …

Im in production - not beta
OG Cams - V - 1.0.67
CamPan V3 - V -
App - V 2.46.1 (4)

Trying to upload screenshots and get this error message …
An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.

Sound settings are at Max …

In the Advanced Settings for each of the cams, is Record Sound enabled?

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Thanks, yes, all cameras have sound turned on.

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Have you tried enabling this?

Then go to customize and make sure “other sounds” is set to notify. In your event tab, are you filtering out showing sound events? Remove all filters to show all videos for troubleshooting.

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I thought about giving that a try but as of right now have not.

I’ll make that change and see if it helps

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