Something change with smart ai?

I’m suddenly getting lot of motion events recorded on lighting changes.

All my cams always tagged changes in lighting, like floodlights, room lights. spotlights, headlights, path lights, etc, turning on or off, as motion events.

I actually found it very useful and is how I found out that my Ring floodlights were turning on and off several times during the night when they weren’t supposed to.

Smart AI got stupid. I have all my V3 cams set AI only for Pet, Person, Package and some Vehicle. The other night I got 70-80 MOTION events. Most of it bugs or a spider.
Bugs and the spider are not my pets.

Just to clarify, you had all the spider events show up as motion still, not as pet tags, right?

Correct, I guess I have to tag the Spider as Pet so AI learns.

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For goodness sake, please don’t confuse the AI on purpose. :scream:

Hah I get that too!

Mine is generally trees waving or lighting changes. Neighbors flood or IR light comes on.

Wel mine just started doing it.

That’s the beauty of Wyze. You never know what you’ll find when you wake up. To borrow a quote - “Wyze is like a box of chocolates…” I think that’s actually the exact quote!

Except that any kind of Chocolate is GOOD. :yum:

Challenge accepted! The following are REAL things I found people actually put in chocolate and eat, so not anything made up that nobody eats:

What about:

  • Chocolate squid
  • Chocolate worms (various kinds, including grubs and larvets)
  • Chocolate onions
  • Chocolate lemons
  • Chocolate slim jims
  • Chocolate crickets/grasshoppers
  • Chocolate seaweed
  • Chocolate cockroaches
  • Chocolate beetles
  • Chocolate pickles
  • Chocolate jalapenos
  • Chocolate corndogs
  • Chocolate scorpions
  • Chocolate broccoli
  • Chocolate cheetos

Detection zone also doesn’t seem to work. I get alerted of every car that drives by, smart detection doesn’t recognize it’s a car which I’ve filtered out. Tried detection zone and still records event in that zone as generic motion. I’ll probably just move the camera so it can’t see that area.