Some cameras not sending notifications

I have total of 4 cameras, 2 of them are not sending notifications. I have:

  1. Living room detects person rule, action turn on notifications, turn on motion, turn on camera, (this works)
  2. Front door rule opens, action turn on notifications (this works),
  3. Outdoor front detects motion rule, action turn on camera, turn on motion, (this was working)
  4. I have a basement camera that does not send any notifications.
  5. Front entry that does not send any notifications.

My garage sensor works without any rules at all and sends notifications?
I am lost here, I am not sure how to set up the rules etc to get notifications without having them go against each other.
Please help with a step by step deal… I am not smart with this stuff!
Thank you so much!
DUH help I am brain

you dont need to set up rules at all to get notifications. just go into your settings, turn notifications on on the settings page and for that device they will push to your phone.

Thank you, so what are the rules and actions for and how do they work? Also, I tried continuous recording and that does not work, I am sure user error.

support–> 1. Wyze Cam v1/v2 & Pan
2. Wyze Cam User’s Manual
3. Wyze Cam Features

microSD and Continuous Recording

More info is better so the community can help. Check the links gemini has posted to help you understand the ins and outs of these cameras. Next time can you elaborate on what “does not work” so the community here can fully understand your issues :slight_smile:

Thank you, I believe it is the issue of a poor connection as the camera said not stable connection try switching to 360 vs SD. So I am looking at getting a new Router that gives better coverage. So looking for suggestions for the router or mesh system that provides the largest coverage area. Any suggestions.

There is no perfect answer for this as everyone is gonna have different situations and needs. Some people have had success with just having to move their current wifi point to a better central area and don’t have to buy new, or reconfigure their network to a channel of less conjestion, then those of us that have purchased mesh systems or separate access points.

I live in a wood frame townhouse with a moderate amount of other networks near me. I purchased a unifi access point and have it mounted high in the front of my house and had to do a wifi scan to see what channels arent being used and programmed it to that area. I separated IoT things to a sepperate said than TV’s, phone etc and now wifi is rock solid for everything.

I have 5 new Wyze cams set up and working (can stream from all). Problem is only one ever sends notifications. I have verified all the cams are up to date firmware and exact same settings on each cam. Any insight is appreciated! Oh, I’m on iOS (up to date).