Some Cam Plus features not working

I recently added 4 Cam OG’s to my setup (have a bunch of v3’s and a doorbell).
They came with a 30 day free trial of Cam Plus. I activated the free trial, it shows PLUS next to my Notification settings, I can see the cameras on the web browser, and the 12 second clips work well. It appears the Cam Plus is working for them, however I cant enable Smart Detection. When I try to toggle any of the Smart Detection settings on, it tells me I need Cam Plus for this.
It is doing this for all of the cameras. I’ve tried rebooting them, power cycling them, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app and nothing has worked. Whats my next step to get Smart Detection working? These bug and shadow notifications are driving me insane lol.

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If you are only getting 12s videos and you can’t enable the Smart Detections, your cams are most likely not getting the full benefit of the Cam Plus trial.

It looks like you have also already done all the standard steps to get them to work.

Have you contacted Customer Support and asked them why you can’t enable the Smart Detections?

I have not contacted support yet. I figured this was a good second step after basic TS, to make sure I wasnt missing something. I will reach out to them if I dont get it figured out soon though, thanks!

I see a lot of recommendations of “remove the Cam Plus then re-add the cam plus.” How do I do this? Theres no option to remove it from my cameras in the app.

The normal way would be to go to the Account → Services page, Cam Plus Header, find the subscription, the cam should be listed under that subscription, click the “Add Cams” button, then uncheck the cam that was assigned.

If you can do this, then clear the cache, sign out, force close the app, power cycle the cam, restart the phone, sign in, and use the same process to reassign by checking the checkbox.

I do not have a “Add Cams” button. My only buttons are “Select Plan” on the top and “Add Camera Plan” on the bottom, both of which just take me to the same sign-up page for subscribing. I cant click on any of my cameras in the Cam Plus header, but I do see they have the Free Trial active. When I’m in Live view, I can click on the Cam Plus icon at the top and it says “You have Cam Plus!”. It’s as though everything works exactly as it should, except I cant turn on any of the Smart Detection features (when I try, it says I need Cam Plus still).

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Definately a conversation that needs to be discussed with Customer Support. You aren’t getting the Cam Plus features and have no way to reset Trial subscriptions.

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I paid for a year unlimited in March and it hasn’t worked since. No help from support. Told me thanks for info keep look out for updates. REALLY??? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t give you your money back. I don’t work for Wyze. I am a subscriber just like you.

And, to add salt to the wound, Wyze policy is that all subscriptions purchased are non-refundable.

But, I can try to help figure out what is going on if you provide some details.

How did you purchase that subscription? Thru the store tab in the Wyze App or did you go to the Wyze Website to purchase it?

In the Account Tab, under Services, do you see “Annual Unlimited Camera Plan”? Is there a symbol or icon to the left? Are your cams assigned under this subscription?