{solved} Webcam Win10 doesn't recognize WYZECAMv2

I believe that I “re-flashed” the WYZE CAM v2 to be a web camera properly (all the right lights and clicks were present), but when I plug the camera into a USB port, it does not get recognized by the windows OS (I am using Windows 10). Other USB peripherals can be connected and disconnected, but I cannot get Windows to recognize/install/add this camera. I tried this on more than one PC/laptop with the same result.

Anyone else seeing this, or is this just me?

BTW, I did send something to Wyze customer support, but they only re-sent me the instructions, which I’m fairly certain I executed properly before.

Are you using a USB-A to USB-A cable or the type of USB cable that came with the camera?

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Also we have seen where data only or power only cables will not work (USB printer cables are usually data only for example.) I use and recommend a good quality Belkin fully pinned cable. Best Buy usually has them in stock.

I used this video as a good reference when I had troubles very similar to you

I was NOT.
That part COMPLETELY eluded me! Didn’t even think of it.
Now to actually FIND one of those suckers!


Good luck.
Staples show a couple.
Staples USB A cable

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I have tried this multiple times with a Pam Cam without Windows being able to find the camera.
Any suggestions?

  • new camera
  • new SD card newly formatted
  • new USB 3.0 A-to-A cable (their recommended)

Windows can’t find the camera (Camera / Zoom / Skype / Device Manager / etc)

Have you installed the custom firmware for webcam on to the camera?

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yes I followed the instructions. Camera state is blinking blue-yellow light.

Windows will not recognize it

My Windows 10 instantly recognized it, but only after trying a couple different cables. Cheap cables that are not fully pinned out will cause that. On mine the only cable that worked was pinned for power and data.

Something to try.
Use the USB A-A cable to the Windows PC and a microUSB for power.

Oh mine works, the poster is the one having trouble. And I do use that cable combo. :grinning:

Oops, responded to the wrong post.

For anyone else having this problem.

My fix:

1 - Plugged it into another Windows PC and it worked.

2 - Plugged it back into my original PC and it recognizes it as HD USB Camera
but it will not work.

The Device Manager lists it as
image .

3 - Uninstalled device and deleted associated drivers

4 - Restarted.

Hope that helps people having a driver conflict.


I do it all the time.

For me, connecting to either of the 2 USB ports at the front of my computer results in the “Can’t find your camera” message. But using one of the ports in the back of the computer does work. Obviously something oddball about my computer.

This also happened when I tried connecting the recommended very short cable to an extension cable. My guess is that none of my extension cables provide power. (They are very old.)

I bought another, longer cable (10 foot). Using the “Cam” application under Windows 10, things are now sort of working. The problem is that the image is flickering, mostly on the lower half of the image.

I have two Windows 10 desktops, both on Version 1903 (one from Dell which was an upgrade from Windows 8.1 and the other a Velocity Micro box a few years old). The Velocity box worked well with this Wyze box webcam solution, but the older hardware on the Dell encountered the same issues as listed on this thread. Perhaps this solution is only supported on newer hardware + Windows 10?

If I figure out any workarounds or get it to work on the 'ol Dell, I’ll be sure to share here.

I have the same type of problem. The camera works great on my windows 10 system, but on my windows 7 laptop the camera is discovered but the popup says the USB device is not recognized.

Obviously the WYZE team designed the camera to work with a windows driver of some sort that I do not have on my system

Would it be possible for the WYZE team to provide the required driver so that it could be downloaded and installed on a windows device?

Thanks again to the WYZE team for such great products.

Hi have a similar issue, windows can’t find the camera,
in MacOS it works well, with same cable I have tried on 2 windows 10 computer but it cannot find the camera.
in the device manager appears as Unknow USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

do you know what is the drive to install on Windows?