Wyze Cam V2 webcam flash not recognized by Windows 10

Hey, I’ve flashed my Wyze Cam V2 with the webcam firmware. It’s flashing the yellow/blue light but Windows 10 won’t recognize it as a webcam. I’ve tried with USB A - USB A both with and without the USB C power connected. My USB A - USB A cord is fully pinned with power and data connections. I’ve flashed back to the regular Wyze Cam V2 firmware and it works as normal. I’ve also used the Wyze app to reformat the my microSD and then flash the webcam firmware again. I feel like I’ve tried every combination of fixes I’ve come across so far. I’ve tried with both mine and my fiance’s PC running windows 10 and neither recognize the cam. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix? I’m at a complete loss now.

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This sounds like a firmware issue. I would try resetting the camera and adding the webcam firmware back on to the camera.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve flashed the firmware at least 5 times now. I can flash it back to its normal firmware no problem and I’ve tried re-downloading the webcam firmware from the website. All lights indicate the webcam firmware was flashed properly - I just can’t get any computer to recognize it as webcam when plugged in.

Welcome! Have a search of the forum, I know there is other threads that talk about this issue. Here is one:

Couple things to try are a different A to A cable and try different USB inputs in the front or back of the computer. Check the above thread for more.

Thanks! I’ve tried everything on that thread already (and a few other threads as well) with the exception of a different USB A-A cable. I only have one of those, but I know it is fully pinned. I’ve tried all 10 USB ports on my PC and none work to recognize the cam. The device does not show up in the device manager at all when plugged into any port.