Socket Not Working. Why?

So I bought these outdoor lights on Amazon and I cannot get the socket to work. They work on every other socket I try but these. They are E26 connections too. They are not the motion sensors either. I was thinking maybe that’s why -plugging a motion sensor into a motion sensor but they are not.

I plug the socket in and nothing happens. Every other inside socket works and the light comes on and I can connect it.

Any ideas? What could be different with these?

Tipace Outdoor Wall Lantern 2 Pack Black Exterior Wall Sconce with Clear Glass Shade Wall Mount Lights for Entryway,Porch,Doorway(Bulb Not Included)

Need more information…in the non-working outside lights, do you see the sockets in the app? What kind of wifi reception do they have? Are the outside lights controlled by a switch? Are the lights getting power?

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Are the sockets that that work encased in some metal like the ones you linked are? There might be some “faraday cage” action occuring or just enough disruption of signal the not make them connect? Are the v3s hooked up each time also?

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The lights are getting power controlled by a switch that is on. The light is on when it’s just the light only in it. Then when I put in the adapter with the socket light no power, light doesn’t go on. The camera doesn’t get power and it doesn’t read in the app at all like there is no power. Flipped the switch a few times, nothing. Weird. Encased with glass not metal. Tried the socket and light in 3 different inside outlets and lamps and it works fine. Camera is not connected at first but have tried with it too.

Sounds to me like the socket isn’t making a connection with the light for power. I’ve seen others posting here who have needed an extension adapter to get the socket to work in some lights. You might need something like these to make it work:

I’ll certainly try it! Thank you all! I’ll keep you posted as hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

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Would these be ok incased in the glass ? It says not to put them in an enclosed one for temp purposes. Mine isn’t enclosed, just covered with glass. Sun does get to that light all day in NY.

Personally, before adding another extension or returning the fixture, I’d try turning off the power and gently bending up the tab at the base of the fixture’s socket. That’s probably all you need to do.

You need input from others on this. I don’t have any of them and haven’t looked at the specs.

So I got the adapter extensions from Amazon and no go. Still don’t work. So weird! So just the lights work in these and nothing else like the socket or extensions. I tried bending it a little and wiggling it but no go. It works in every other socket in the House without an issue. I’m giving up. I’ll eBay these things. Thanks for the help.

Sorry I couldn’t help. You should be able to send them back for a refund, shouldn’t you? Just contact support via the telephone for an RMA. Seems better than trying sell them. Or are you talking about the light fixtures?

Good call. Nah just the Wyze things. Thanks for helping though!