Lamp socket works in one fixture but not another

I set up a new Wyze V3 camera with a new lamp socket at the same time on my back deck. I did this in a convenient spot with access to the switch and the fixture, I thought “Hey this is cool”.
I went to set up another new v3 camera and lamp socket on my front porch. I could see through the camera but the socket wasn’t showing as available. The WiFi signal is actually better on the front porch as opposed to the rear deck.
I moved my first working setup to the front porch thinking the second lamp socket was faulty.
After I moved the first setup to the fixture on the front side of the house, the camera works but doesn’t show the socket. This lamp socket was working on the back of the house with a mediocre WiFi signal, I moved it and now it doesn’t.
Both fixtures are identical and they were installed at the same time.
What’s the problem?

Not sure but it was probably Bugs Meany.


(Seriously I have no idea, sorry.)

Not very helpful.

Now I’ve tried moving the one that was working from the front, back to the rear and it stopped working too. I think I’m going to box them both back up and return them to Amazon. These things suck.

I submitted that because your write-up was reminiscent of those logic puzzles.

Do you happen to have more than one WiFi access point? I have found that devices stubbornly stick to the first one they’ve used, even after relocating somewhere else (that is, they may be straining to reach a distant AP even though they are close to another one). Also, of course, the Wyze stuff only operates at 2.4Ghz…

All 6 of my cameras and 6 plugs along with my two new lamp sockets are on one single network with no other non Wyze items. I’m going to try again. Is there any way to reset the lamp socket?
I prefer Dean Koontz mysteries.

The light socket does not use WiFi, only the camera does. The socket is seen by the camera over the power cable to the camera. So that power cable has to be a data-capable cable.

During all these movements did you ever swap the camera’s power cable out with maybe one that doesn’t have data lines?


I only used the provided cable that came with the socket.