Has anyone got the lamp socket to work?

Well - I guess the popularity of the lamp socket was answered when I couldn’t even tag the product in the post!
So - does anyone use this? Does it actually work? I got two, and neither works, so I have to wonder if anyone can get them to work…
My scenario: I have a front door light which has happily been turning on just before sunset and turning off at midnight for a year or so. I wanted to add a camera - so I followed the instructions to add the light socket and camera and screwed back in the Wyze bulb. Now, I get camera but the bulb won’t follow any rules and frequently drops off wifi. When I power the socket off and then on again, I can use the app to turn the bulb on and off - for just a little while then it all goes off again. :frowning:

Does it work with a regular bulb? It’s not really meant to use the Smart Bulb. When you turn off the socket the bulb loses power so it isn’t connected to your network.

Hi - we don’t turn off the socket; we just leave it on (so the camera stays on). And it’s not meant to be compatible with their other products? I asked tech support and they mentioned nothing of the sort. (And, frankly, their tech support on this was HORRIBLE - it was standard cut-and-paste for a device that’s actually listed separately in the app device list, which this is not…)
Do you have one of these? Does it really work for you? How do you use it? And if you have a light in the lamp socket - do you just leave it on 24x7?

Don’t have one as I’ve seen too many issues with them. Try a regular bulb in the socket and set rules accordingly to see if it works.

This indicates to me no smart bulb:


And this:

Forgot to ask if you setup the camera to control the socket on motion? If so, that would be another issue.

I just got two recently with one as a satellite linked to the master socket. They work quite well the short few days that I have them. (With the exception with one seemingly defective out of the box but the replacement works fine.)

Like WildBill said, you can’t use the Wyze bulb. You need to use a “dumb” bulb as when the socket is off, your Wyze bulb in it has not power so it goes off your WiFi and you no longer can control it.

Yes, you should leave the main power on like you said but that’s to power the camera. The socket(s) is powered off until the camera gives the signal to turn on (e.g., detected motion, sunset-sunrise, etc.). So until then, there is no power to the socket even if your main switch is on to power the camera.


Yup, just like they said, the lamp socket has the ability to turn the bulb on and off with timer or motion, thats what its for. If you wanna use a smart bulb for whatever reason just set the lamp socket to always on in the settings.

Why couldn’t you use a Wyze bulb anyway? I have some Wyze bulbs controlled by plain wall switches. They turn them on and off without issue. (Of course there’s no smart control with the wall switch off but so what; the bulbs recover fine.)

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You can

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