So…nothing but thumbnail pics

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but nothing goes to 12 sec. video anymore? I’m glad Wyze was inexpensive, I won’t have a hard time replacing the system.

Have you verified that your outdoor V2 camera is still assigned to a cam plus or cam plus lite account?

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They’ve actually dropped off one at a time over a period of months. I have 5. One still working. I purchased all of them a few years back.

Almost 2 years ago, under financial strain post Covid, Wyze changed their Subscription tiers.

No subscription - Thumbnails Only, 5m Cooldown, No AI

Cam Plus Lite - 12s Video, 5m Cooldown, Person Detection, limited to select compatible cams

Cam Plus - Full Length Video, No Cooldown, Full AI Smart Detection

As cam firmware and apps update, the server has been catching cams on the old legacy plan and correcting them to the new tiers above. That is why you have been seeing them go to thumbnails over time.


So if it works satisfactorily it may be best to never allow the firmware to update even though it constantly reminds you-
I’ve always assumed any firmware updates would be improvements and would always run through them when they came up. Maybe that wasn’t the right decision if they ended up revoking features.

I’m not so sure. No one really knows what it is that is culling out the legacy cams that are still getting the 12s video with no subscription. Reports have been posted from customers over the last two years about legacy cams that stop getting the 12s video and revert to thumbnails, some with no apparent changes at all to the cam or the app. But, if it is to happen, I would assume that the firmware and App update process might be the most probable times.

More than likely this has been what’s happening to mine. So i can expect the last one to drop soon. I can’t justify paying for cam lite or plus. For 5 cameras it would only take a few months to get a whole new system. The reason I got these is that they were designed to be outdoors, wireless, portable and had the 12sec. video. I also have a wireless (needs power) NVR system. cameras are $49. I can just add some power and cameras and get many, many days of 4K recording stored. It’s too bad. I really liked all the features when I got them. Seems like a bait and switch for me.

Cam Plus Lite is still a single subscription for all your cams and is still a “You Name the Price” plan on compatible cams. This means you can still put $0.00 in the price when you subscribe. Unfortunately, the only Outdoor Cam compatible w\ Cam Plus Lite is the Outdoor Cam V1.


Thanks! You just saved me a lot of work. It’s weird. It listed one camera as still working which it wasn’t and one camera working and it wasn’t listed. I’m all set again. I appreciate it.