So many issues Done

Anyone else done? I’ve been here for 4 years now. 4 years. Always promised bigger and better. Or to just work. Never happened. If you are new here don’t believe the hype. I have written and asked for help. I have called. I have done everything. Sometimes u get someone helpful but ultimately always back to square one. I use to have and pay for 9 cameras at the top tier cost. They never worked correctly. Finally and recently I cancelled all but two and requested for credit on all others throughout the time they didn’t work. Not one person responded. I have now requested for refund for months keeping two active to even prove the service isn’t working with no response. This actually could vouch as a class action suit and seriously thinking about it. If you sell a product and service then it should do such. If it doesn’t you should refund. I have been more than patient over years of waiting and allowing time to fix the issues. Been on the phone for hours. Done everything on my part to help them fix their crap and nothing but now silence. I’m done and prepared for suite. Simply for the fact of complete disregard for your product and service and people that have been loyal to you as these kids got rock rich on lies and crap selling to the community. Time for it to stop. They note have all cs over seas and very little English. Another way to cut corners. So done.

huh. I have HMS and 9 cams too… all are WAD (working-as-designed… w/ CAM plus and high endurance microSDs).

anyway, I’ll join yur class-action lawsuit when you get it up and runnin’… perhaps, I can get a check that will pay for the shipping on my upcoming #crittercam

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