Nothing but disappointment lately with all cameras

I have been a customer since they first started producing cameras. Lately there is nothing but disappointment in their cameras in their systems. In the Greek quest to be funny comical however you may call it they are losing sight of what their original purpose was, and that was cameras and surveillance. I own about 15 cameras and keep about 12 in service all the time. And lately nothing works or records correctly. It is quite aggravating.

They recently sent me two sets of outdoor wireless cams to replace others that were ruined during a firmware upgrade. Digital cameras are constantly on the fritz. With all the money I have invested in these cameras what do I do now? I have had enough of talking to these girls in foreign countries who I can’t understand and all they do is read Q cards. I think I’ve had

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Sorry your having issues, but with the information you provided we can’t help you. Please provide more details to your problem, and the volenteers in this community can try to help. Thanks!

It is always something different. My energy is depleting

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Most people need to update their home networks with a proper router (and cable modem sometimes). The right router is essential for all this network traffic.

$150+ is what you would need to spend if you have 15 video streams going at home.


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