Done… and done…

Hello Wyze,

I would like to tell you that I am finished buying products from you. I have many of them in my home (30ish). I have decided that your business model does not have loyal customers in mind. I have awaited Apple Homekit integration for so long now that I have given up. Every time you release some new feature that seems useful in your software it doesn’t apply to the still functioning tech that I have bought from you in the past because its v1 or v2. Your road is… “hold on to your butts”… oh just another camera to buy…. I suspect that in 3 or 4 months it will be some other version of pan cam or spotlight cam or OG cam that we can hold onto our butts for. Or something “brighter” or “faster” or…. well you get the point. Why not for once, put down the hardware and concentrate on software…? I will admit that once I take the last camera down, it will be nice to not pay for “advanced” features anymore via a monthly subscription. I will say though… I have a particular like of the robot vacuum you created. I did have to source a new battery from overseas because why have that as a part? It still does its job daily and does it quite well. It will be a sad day when it goes to the wayside. Anyway…. Just thought you might like to know how you lost a customer.


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