Snooze option for alerts

Perhaps an easy solution for unwanted alerts within your set alert schedule would be to implement a snooze option. You could snooze alerts for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc…




Yep! Was coming here to suggest this! My ring cam has options to snooze for 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Bump! I have a camera in the garage and would like 5e option to temporarily snooze alerts if I’m going to be working out there for a while. Thanks!

went to post this myself but glad I searched first. a shortcut button with the ability to add one or more cameras/sensors, with a selectable time period, that would stop the associated notifications only for a short time would be awesome.

Any feedback from the Wyze team on a feature like this? Would love to have this feature.

don’t hold your breath :frowning:

this and countless other wishlist items have been on the back burner for years now. I’ll definitely cut some slack given we’re in the midst of a global pandemic but still… it’s preposterous we’ve gone on this long with little to no app improvement. I’m not a developer and have no idea what coding an app is like but I do know there are plenty of deeply complex apps written by a single person. Wyze app is still missing even the most basic of features. i’d bet there are thousands of well qualified recently graduated coders who would love an internship???

to be clear: i fully acknowledge there are hardware and other limitations. i do not expect SD playback to improve or the pan cam to have better motion tracking. i’m willing to accept these sort of tradeoffs for a $20 camera. i’m not willing to accept an app that seems to have been written hastily and seldom improved upon. to get my wyze bulb to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise should not require linking to a 3rd party app. having basic if/then rules should be internal, and actually function. the menus and settings in general are confusing and laid out strangely. using it on iPad is so frustrating. especially since wyze will continue to grow and more devices revolve around the app, it’s imperative that the experience is given top priority.

hoping for a giant app update that overhauls the whole experience and that i will regret ever having posted such a rant :slight_smile:


Something similar to Ring’s 30min or 1hr snooze solution would be great!

Ideally something per camera so you can temporarily kill the “noise” when you’ll be triggering one yourself or when winds are waving branches or shadows and triggering the motion detection in front of a deployed camera.