Suggestion - snooze alerts

In addition to being able to turn on/off alerts based on platforms like IFTTT or via geofencing of my family’s phones, it would also be good to snooze alerts for some time. For example, my housekeeper is at my house now and my phone is blowing up with push alerts. If, at the first alert, I could just snooze future alerts for the next 5 hours while she cleans, that would be awesome. Even better if I could do it right from the iOS home screen without needing touchID or unlocking the phone.


Also please allow me to choose whether when I snooze, only the push notifications are disabled or all alert video clip recording is paused as well.


I’m really keen for snooze alerts feature too. Would be very helpful to reduce alerts when I’m home and not asleep

Agreed, seems like a simple fix.