Customize Notifications/Alert Frequency (Longer cool down period)

Hello, can an alarm frequency be added to the camera and software so that you can control the frequency of alerts when there is constant motion or sound for a time period. An example is if there is activity that triggers and alert and the activity continues for more than the 5 minute “cool down” period of the camera then another alert will not be sent until the this frequency period is met, such as do not send another alert until 15, 20, 30 minutes. Most common are unscheduled activities that trigger an alert that are not an urgent matter but that you want to leave the camera and alert setting on but do not want an alert sent until a time window is met.

Thank You

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Everybody is clamoring for a shorter cool down period. This is the first time someone’s asked for the option for a longer cool down.


Hi, it should be customisable from the shortest it can be to what the customer wants.


I never had thought of it until today when I was out in my front yard and realized my phone had many notifications of me doing yardwork, but I can see instances where this could help

Maybe a shortcut to “mute” notifications for whichever cameras you need it for for a incremental time. kind of similar to the do not disturb feature on android currently.

mute x camera/s for 15,60,90, ___ insert integer here …minutes

whoo hoo easy shortcut made… ( hopefully)

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Thanks, but that is not the same. The mute function does not
address the root of the alert. The user should be able to
customize the alerting frequency for a defined time window so the
alerts do not trigger, the videos are not captured, email if
enabled is not sent. it would be very helpful.

Thank you

I agree, many times I have had the same happen to me.

I would like the option to specify a minimum time between notifications. For example, no more than one motion notification every 15 minutes. So if a motion notification is sent, the app will not send another notification for 15 minutes (or 10, 30, 60 minutes, etc.).

This functionality should not affect event detection or recording, only notifications. And please, let the user determine the frequency; don’t try to choose it for us.

I see a lot of complaints about too many notifications, and the functionality that I’m requesting is a simple (and really obvious) solution.

I’m using the cam pan to detect if someone breaks into my home. I just need one timely notification that motion was detected (or that a fire alarm went off, etc.). I don’t need a notification every 5 minutes, because when I’m home I get way too many notifications.

The workarounds on the support site are to reduce sensitivity or turn off some notifications (e.g., sound); however, using these workarounds can lead to missed detections. Also, I don’t like turning off notifications during specific times of day, because then I have to remember to turn them back on if my schedule changes (e.g., going out of town). I just want a throttle on the number of notifications.

Note that this “cool down” only affects alerts, not recording and events.

I cannot believe that this issue still exists without somebody clarifying why an interval time between notifications hasn’t been added. This issue may lead me to use a different brand of security camera.

I use my cameras to monitor foster cats, and a longer cooldown would help me immensely. I want to know when they’re out moving around, but I don’t need notifications every minute (sometimes multiple times a minute) after that. I know I can snooze the notifications, I just don’t see why I should have to, especially when so many users are requesting customizable cooldown periods.

I agree with the benefit of customizable notification cooldowns.

It’s a function available on one of my cameras, albeit with limited choices (1, 3, 5m), but I’d love at least the same options on my Cam v3 floodlight camera. It shows our driveway, and there’s no way the camera won’t tag you 2 or 3 times in the time it takes to leave or return.

A cooldown option from 1-3 minutes would solve this issue if we had to bring in groceries or pack things into the car for work, etc. I’m sure options for longer cooldown periods would be nice for others’ purposes. Quite a stretch here, but it would possibly be nice to add a change of that setting attached to a rule, so the cooldown could be scheduled to be different throughout the day.

This has been on the wishlist for 2 years and its still marked as “maybe later”. Can we maybe finally get this one?

I’ve been a Wyze customer for almost 6 years and this feature alone has me ready to buy an entirely different system. How obnoxious that I get 10 notifications within a few seconds for the same person walking to the front door. The “cooldown period” is already baked into the software as the “free” version has a 5 minute cooldown period, yet now that I’ve decided to subscribe I’m bombarded with constant, obnoxious notifications?

This is lazy coding 101 - it’s already a feature, and bugs the you know what out of PAYING customers, yet refusing to fix.