Smart Plugs... Best Router?

I installed a couple of Wyze Plugs yesterday. They seemed to work perfectly when I first installed them but then in the evening they got a little crazy when I tried to turn them on and off.

I noticed my wife had the TV on and steaming with the Roku. Could that have something to do with it?

I have a Netgear AC750 R6020 I purchased a few years ago. I probably paid around $40 for it. It’s been fine till now… I’ve started adding Wyze Smart devices like the thermostat and plugs.

What’s a recommended router for an average 2 story home?


What’s the WiFi signal strength to the plugs? You can see in the devices settings > device info

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How are your plugs working today? I noticed issues last night as well with the app, lights, plugs, etc. then it cleared up later that night. So something may have been going on yesterday evening.

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Same here. Started around 7:40 PM Eastern. Cleared up a few hours later.

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Exactly. Not sure what the issue was and since it cleared up, was not too concerned.

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This is a question that’s difficult to answer since there can be so many variables in homes, devices, number of devices, interference, etc. Over the years here, I’ve seen routers or systems that work great for some, have problems for others and vice versa.

That said, I’ve had fantastic results from my Eero Pro mesh system.

Prior to that I had a Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band router which I considered a pretty good router. It would stream 4K on two tv’s at once along with lots of other stuff running without problems. However, once I started getting V3 cameras to replace V2, I had lots of issues with the V3’s dropping offline frequently on the Linksys router.

Once I got the Eero Pro system, all the V3 problems went away and everything else also remained rock solid. I am a pretty heavy device and smarthome user. A quick check on my Eeero app shows 64 devices currently connected which include everything from smart devices like bulbs and switches to, computers, phones, printers, etc. I also have 9 Wyze cameras running continuously.

But as mentioned this being a difficult question to answer, I think I’ve seen a couple members here say that had issues with Wyze cams and Eeero mesh system where mine has been the best I’ve had. I particularly chose it because each node on the mesh was supposed to be able to handle 75+ devices each.


Must have been a short AWS outage last night. I came home and couldn’t turn my alarm off via app. Entry and Motion sensors were not in my list of On Duty Devices for HMS. Cloud events list was empty. Couldn’t control bulbs and plugs. App kept pushing “Failed to update device list (error code -1)”. I’m glad it got resolved quickly.

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The plugs are working better today although sometimes I click the button to turn the light on or off and the app knows I clicked it but the light doesn’t change… no matter how long I wait.

Does everyone’s activity go through a Wyze Server somewhere?

Yea, at one time I cleared cache and everything to see. When I went back there were no devices loaded. Went in again and they were there.

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I saw the Error Code -1 yesterday as well when I was trying to install my new Plugs.

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I would clear Cache from the app and within the OS, seeing you are on Android.

See if that helps

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I noticed that the Amazon eero mesh has got by far the most ratings… over 34000 and has 4.5 Stars.

You know I had that failed to update device list and cam plus not showing up for a bit as well

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