New user having some issues

Hi all,

I stumbled upon the Wyze cam what seems like forever ago. I finally got around to purchasing the starter kit and another camera this past weekend. I also have the lock and key pad ordered, which says delivering today but the tracking code says it hasn’t even been shipped, but that’s besides the point.

Yesterday I installed all of the products. I have one cam set up right outside my front door and one cam set up right outside my back door. Sensors on both doors as well. And I have the motion in my kitchen to turn on and off the bulb we put in the kitchen.

Here’s the issues I’ve faced so far:

  1. Neither of the smart plugs will connect. I have tried setting them to my normal Comcast router as well as the extender we have since the Comcast doesn’t separate the connections anymore. Neither of them have connected and I wasn’t shocked as this is how most smart plugs I’ve ever bought have been. My plan was to troubleshoot these today and try my hardest to get them working…but…
  2. I woke up this morning and thought it was odd that I hadn’t gotten a door notification from where my brother left for work. When I opened the app it’s showing that all my devices are now offline. The odd thing is I can access a live view for both cameras, but both doors, the motion, and the light bulb say they are offline and stopped giving notifications sometime this morning. The cameras are also now not sending notifications and say offline, but I can still access the live view.

I gotta say I’m stumped. My internet is working fine, all my other devices are working appropriately. It’s just my Wyze products that are not working correctly. The plugs haven’t worked since I took them out of the box, I tried to connect both but no luck so far. I was excited to try and get them going today, but now that all of the products are showing offline I’m not sure where to go from here. I would appreciate any assistance!

Welcome to the community!

I would contact Wyze about this!

Does this mean that your 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz networks are combined? If they are then that might be the cause of your issues.

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If it doesn’t show up today I will! I ordered the lock and pin pad here on the Wyze site so I don’t expect the shipping to be as fast as Amazon.

Yes, correct! The newer Comcast routers don’t have the two connection points anymore, just one that automatically set the device connecting to whichever it thinks is best, I don’t like that but ya know it’s Comcast. For this reason though we invested in an extender that does have the 2 connections listed. When I began setting up the cameras I had full intention to connect all the devices to the extender and not the Comcast router. But when I began set up it allowed me to connect all the devices to the Comcast router instead of the extender. I connected all the devices 2 days ago and hadn’t had any connection issues at all. As for the plugs I tried to Comcast router and it wouldn’t connect, so I tried the 2.4 connection on the extender but that also will not connect. The app gave me the normal “try retyping the password or reset the router” but there’s no issue with the extender as I have smart LEDs connected to it and they are working properly.

When I’ve used extenders in the past they’ve required me to set the 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz networks separate. Maybe the extender connected to the Comcast router causes it to only produce a 5Ghz network even though it says that there’s 2 different networks. If all else fails then you might have to try a reset on your Wyze devices and/or your router.

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Absolutely. We have two connection points for it currently set up. When I connect the plugs to the 2.4 the connection still fails. I’ve always had awful experiences with smart plugs for some reason… sometimes they work and other times they just won’t. I’ve read other users saying their Wyze plugs work great, so I really hope I can get mine going.

Thanks for your responses! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this but I’ll give it a shot today and see what happens. I’m going to try resetting the router and see if anything happens. If not I’ll try connecting all devices to the extender instead of the Comcast router. If this fails I’ll try the factory reset on all the devices.

I’ll update at some point. I appreciate you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Brlepage has some good advice. As you probably know, Wyze products work only on a 2.4 WIFI network. If you have a dual band system you will probably have problems. If you can split the output on y our router and create two separate SSIDS for each band then assign your Wyze devices to the 2.4 that should help your problems.
Another option might be if your router allows, create a Guest network at 2.4 and assign only Wyze to it.
Extenders do exactly what they say - they extend but don’t strengthen the signal, so even though you reach further the signal does weaken. Not knocking them but understand what they do.
IMHOP, the long term best solution to WIFI problems in general, and Wyze in particular, is Mesh networks. They have come down in price and are mostly simple to install and give, based on my experience, great results.
Best of luck, and keep us posted!

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