Smart Door Lock

Is there any way to have the Wyze lock open with fitness trackers/ smartwatches? My kids aren’t old enough to have phones (which could trigger/open the lock). They do have fitness trackers though. It would be very convenient if the bluetooth could open the door for them when they approach the door.

No, they need the Wyze app. The only other ways to unlock the door that I can think of without the app on a phone on your person is with the keypad or with an Alexa device. For example, I can ask Alexa on my Apple Watch to unlock the door and then she asks me for the PIN number which I can then speak.

If the Wyze lock won’t currently open with fitness trackers/smartwatches, then I’d like to suggest that feature. Is this the right place to do that, or would I need to start another topic?

I would like the lock to link to a power door opener so I could hit the door unlocked and the door would open after it unlocks, help for wheelchair people.

I’m sensing an upcoming deadbolt version of the Wyze lock on the horizon. It’ll be similar to the august deadbolt lock.

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