Smart Door Lock

Its public data have at it . :slight_smile:

one word . BOOO . not another hub based 2.4ghz product… zigbee should be either abandoned or updated to require interoperability with all other zigbee hubs. Otherwise its just adding another bit of interference to the 2.4ghz band for no good reason .

I hear you @zhotz, but easier said than down if you own a house built in 1890, and it’s the original door. Same goes for a poorly built Ryan Home in 2019 haha.

Ugh, I wish the keypad was built in with the outdoor key cylinder.
I have a keypad deadbolt lock, very similar to the Wyze Smart lock, it’s just missing the Zigbee/Bluetooth.
Not saying a failure with this, but

  1. need phone always handy, which is not always the case
  2. need yet another additional product - the keypad

Have you seen the Wyze lock?

UPDATE: Never mind. I see it on the site. More expensive than I expected and no Alexa/IFTTT support yet. I’ll hold off until 2020.

They aren’t providing anything to replace the external part of your lock. Everything is internal except the optional keypad.

It’s public info. I found it too. But things take time so no need for rumors to start. Look at Dish net they’ve owned cellular spectrums years ago and just now is doing something with them

Pass. Pricing is certainly disruptive but the presence of lock/unlock is enough to shoo me away. I’d rather have a $20 version that merely reports the status of my lock.


Can wait to give it a try love the cam and how well it works. Can wait for the door lock.

You don’t have to wait. It’s available now.

well not really…EA (pre-order) sold out quick, so he’d have to wait for official launch in early 2020

I’m wondering why the “in-development” tag hasn’t updated to “testing”…but I’m just assuming there was some beta testing.

Ah. Got it.

I’m waiting for IFTTT integration before I pull the trigger.

May I suggest, moving forward with a single Wyze device and try any free third-party application service like IFTTT for a few weeks.

With the multi-millions of low-cost IOT home smart devices flooding the market place, these free services seem to get more unreliable every day, in a multitude of different ways.

At least you could have a better informed decision based upon your personal experience before going “all in” on any type of “smart” free applications. It was a great free service the first couple of years but that has changed with the tidal wave of new users and cheap IOT devices today.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. IFTTT works great for me and if a device doesn’t support IFTTT, I’m not interested in that device.

I know there was some, yes. Maybe they didn’t want to give away the secret before they announced it. :slight_smile: Or maybe just an oversight.

What does a old house have to do with this ?

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If this can be in bronze… take my $$$

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I’m going to paint mine. once it’s done I will post it on here and then you can see if it will fit your purposes. everything in my house is oil rubbed bronze so I have to make it look the same or wife won’t be happy.