Smart Door Lock

I will wait as well, Digital/Cyber-security today is something that needs experience, constant research and a large bankroll, just to keep up.

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So everyone who has been paying attention to Wyze knows that you are working on a Door Lock and like me, are eagerly awaiting with anticipation to see what you guys come up with. If I may, I’d like to venture a feature request - A Wyze Door Lock whose only functionality is to report the locked or unlocked status of a door. Hear me out.

There’s a silent group of home automation enthusiast who, like me, love the idea of a smart door lock but do not want or need the ability to unlock a door remotely. After all, the world is full of bad actors. This is enough to scare off potential smart door lock customers even if the likelihood of a compromise is small.

Paranoia aside, there are also regular use cases for this information. For example,

  • Is the door leading to the garage locked?
  • Is the door to the basement stairwell locked?
  • Is the side garage door (a.k.a. Man Door) locked?

For me, knowing whether or not valued points of ingress/egress are secure is still just as important even if it means I have to get off my butt to lock the door.

Anyway, I hope you see the value in my proposition and can find a feasible way to bring such a product to market. For what it’s worth, you’d be the first company to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


There was at one point a post that illustrated what can be done using contact sensors that would report open and closed state. However, it required some modification to the door lock/latch area. Not necessarily the most practical per se… but it looked like it did the trick… If I come across that video, i will post the link…

But I can understand your point and see the merit in that. Unfortunately, nowadays, you hear too many negative stories about unauthorized people being able to manipulate the lock and unlock your smart lock at anytime.


I’d love to see a smart lock that fits common apartment door lock formats. This is a terribly underserved market. Many apartment dwellers, both renters and condo owners, are not allowed to change the exterior door appearance in any way, and existing smart lock products that mount on the inside of the door do not fit the mechanisms that are commonly installed in these units. Here’s an example:

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Just wanted to share some information for multifamily facilities such as AOAOs, AOUO and rentals. The commercial door locks like the one you have shared provides additional functionality not found in consumer/retail products. When the property was first built, all the door locks are provided to the Developer in a logical hierarchy of operators, which allows subcontractors and general contractor to continue to build.

Once the building is opened to occupancy a “pin” inside the lock is “dropped” and the General Contractor and Subs can no longer open the door, however, building management may still have the “Grand Master” allowing access for critical situations, such as life-safety, fire, flooding, building inspections, drier vent cleaning, etc…

Those commercial locks varies widely based on the Developer’s targeted unit end user- which means expensive customize fitted smart locks for this market segment.
It more than undeserved - its economically harder to serve.

Lastly, home door locks are from $45 to $1,000 per door, where commercial locks, as shown in your photo, cost several $100s to $10,000+ per door - building use dependent.

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@FullyChargedTech @daphatty That was me. Wasn’t too difficult. Feel free to steal the idea.

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Super excited to see a Wyze lock and door bell cam, I just wanted to make a few suggestions on features that aren’t so common among smart locks.
Unlock w/RFID fob, being able to add/pause/delete pin #s on the app instead of manually programming, Activity logs. I have an AirBnB and I’ve been looking around for a while. RFID/NFC key fobs are huge want for me 1. I have the NExT implant from I can use my hand for access control and RFID stuff. 2. Fobs are just cooler, easier and faster than keys or pins. I recently found this lock by Oaks Labs that has everything one could ask for in a lock. Please take a look- (specifically the Oaks 2, has the key backup)

I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit over a deadbolt latch like August Smart Lock Pro: The Ultimate Smart Lock for a Smart Home

It would make sense for a first product. Safe bet. The most simple user friendly install. I wouldn’t be too upset, I’ll still buy it lol.

Yes. I can’t recall where I saw it, but they’ve confirmed this now. They’ve said it will fit over existing deadbolts,

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Yeah, I’m all over that.

I just found something interesting.

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Nice catch

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I found some interesting stuff on an FCC site too. I know about a few more products coming now. :slight_smile: One of them I already sorta guessed. But I’m not sure if I should blab or not. Haha.

I’ve got a even easier way … Have the door and locks and their interfaces installed and maintained properly so the natural expansion and contraction are taken into account as they should be . no need to reinvent the wheel due to user/installer error .

Its public data have at it . :slight_smile:

one word . BOOO . not another hub based 2.4ghz product… zigbee should be either abandoned or updated to require interoperability with all other zigbee hubs. Otherwise its just adding another bit of interference to the 2.4ghz band for no good reason .

I hear you @zhotz, but easier said than down if you own a house built in 1890, and it’s the original door. Same goes for a poorly built Ryan Home in 2019 haha.

Ugh, I wish the keypad was built in with the outdoor key cylinder.
I have a keypad deadbolt lock, very similar to the Wyze Smart lock, it’s just missing the Zigbee/Bluetooth.
Not saying a failure with this, but

  1. need phone always handy, which is not always the case
  2. need yet another additional product - the keypad

Have you seen the Wyze lock?

UPDATE: Never mind. I see it on the site. More expensive than I expected and no Alexa/IFTTT support yet. I’ll hold off until 2020.