Smart actions don't work on cam v4 after new uodate

Since the update got pushed a few days ago, The app shows the sign for my Cam Plus unlimited on each camera (I have a pan cam, V3, V4, and the floodlight pro). But on some cameras, under notifications, I have the option for the “5 min cooldown” which it’s on, but if I try to change it, it tells me to sign up for Cam Plus. I already that and the cameras a linked to it. I can’t change the notifications from “thumbnail” to “video”. Some cameras don’t even show that at all. I’ve emailed with support, and had to do “submit a log” tickets, but that’s gotten me nowhere. How can I get full use of my cameras (to which I’m actively paying over $100/yr to have)?! Wyze, are you going to refund or offer me a prorate for my Cam Plus unlimited me or my 6 out of 13 cameras that don’t work properly and are all brand new? Anyone else having these issues? I’ve already done everything their support has me do, including completely deleting the camera and starting from scratch. Everything seemed to work fine until this update and I can’t find a way to reverse it.