Started my V3 trial on December 3rd, and Cam Plus never worked. Days after it ended, I just started seeing Motion-only V3 detections, only because my V2 aimed at the same area sent NOTIFICATIONS. I just sent this message below to Wyze, calling attention to my never-dying old ticket number. Does any one here have a solution?

"On Christmas Day, December 25th, I finally bit the bullet and paid for Cam Plus FOR A YEAR. Even though it hadn’t been sending me NOTIFICATIONS of Person events, it had finally begun showing up with detections, only obvious to me by the NOTIFICATIONS of events in the same viewing area as my V2 camera. I figured that once I PAID FOR CAM PLUS, it would start working right. NO! I even took the chance of subscribing again! But I got a window saying that I already subscribed.

NOW, insult to injury, today, January 1st, a week after paying for Cam Plus , I got an email - subject saying, “Don’t forget about Cam Plus!”. I’ve checked that all my settings are correct on the app. Wyze has been driving me nuts since April, and you’re not done! What more must I do to get what you advertise and keep promoting and pushing?"

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