Slight PIR design change (robustness)

Hi there! I bought the Wyze Sense starter pack, these things are awesome!

However, the backing tape was not strong enough to hold the PIR sensor on a surface that I cleaned with an alcohol pad, so it later fell lens down approximately 10 feet onto a tile surface and no longer sent events.

Subsequently, I carefully disassembled the sensor and found that the antenna was severed because the lens had pushed into the case, taking the contact pad with it (but not the rest of the antenna, still attached to the case).

I think an improvement for robustness would be to mount the antenna contact pad onto the case with the antenna, and the contact arm from the PCB rotated 90 degrees. In that orientation the 4 parts (PCB, lens, antenna, case) would be independent, and in this situation the sensor would still be alive and kicking!

I will be purchasing more of these sensors for sure, and will be using indoor/outdoor 3M double-sided adhesive in the future. Love your products. -Dave