Sim card not detected

My Wyze cam doesn’t recognize the inserted sim card. Do I need to format it? If so, how do I do that? Thanks.

I assume you are referring to the MicroSD card, all mine were recognized automatically, but you can try formatting it in a PC first

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I did format it to ensure it was FAT32 formatted to no avail. Not sure where to go from here.

I am not sure either, does the PC read it properly can you copy an item to it and see it there, if so the card itself is good. Do you have another card you can try in the cam?

I am able to write/transfer files to the micro SD successfully. I’ve tried two discs in both cameras to no avail. Guess I’ll to resort to Wyze tech support.

What brand and type of SD card is it

It is a Wyze disc purchased from them.

Maybe a dumb suggestion. Make sure you are fully inserting the card. You pretty much need a tool to push the card in far enough. If you just press with your finger, it will likely not be fully inserted. I either use a small screwdriver of a key.

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Yes, you should hear a ‘click’.

I did not even think of that suggestion, simplest things get overlooked

Which direction should should the gold connectors be facing when inserting the card?

The gold connectors should be facing the inside of the camera when inserting the card.

The printed text side of the card should be facing the outside wall of the camera.

There is also a embossed graphic near the slot that shows where the notched side of the SD card should point.

The card should be pressed in with a thumbnail or other edge until it ‘clicks’ into place. Press once it locks into the slot, press it again it ejects. If the card slot isn’t aligned well, then you may need something sharp to help it eject.

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