Should v2 wireless (battery) cam require re-pairing with base after power outage?

As above. A short (2-minute) power failure does not cause an ongoing disconnect between cam and base. But after a longer power failure (maybe 30min), and unlike indoor corded Wyze cams, our exterior wireless batteried cam does not spontaneously re-connect. The exception is that detection of motion can seemingly prompt the cam to re-connect with the base and then things are back to business as usual. If this does not happen, a physical re-pairing with the base is necessary, requiring moving the cam to proximity of the base.

This seems to me to be a design flaw. All our firmware is up-to-date. The cam/base work properly prior to a significant power failure. But if we’re away from home and want to keep an eye on things, a power failure can cause problems not only during the lack of power but afterwards. So it’s not just the nuisance of re-pairing them – it’s the impossibility of re-pairing them, as long as one is away from home. And it’s when we’re away from home that these cams are supposed to be most valuable

Is this something that is an isolated issue? I’ve looked at other posts which make me think that it’s not a one-off problem. Shouldn’t have to re-pair (which basically means re-install) these cams after a power failure, in my opinion. If there’s no resolution, we may have to look to another maker for something that is more robust/tolerant.

They don’t need re-pairing. My four WCO will usually all come back on line after power outages but I sometimes end up with a stubborn one. If you are home you just have to turn the power switch on the back of the cam off then on again and the cam will connect to the base if the LED on the base is solid blue. If you are away you may have to just wait and hope. Whatever you do, don’t delete any of the cams from the app if they show off-line in an attempt to re add and start, you will never get them to connect again.

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