Outdoor Cam Base loses wireless connection after power interruption

I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor and corresponding base. The camera is a bit too far from the base, though, and would like to move the base closer to the cam. I have been anxiously awaiting the option to connect the base wirelessly, and have finally received the update to achieve that functionality. Now, here’s the rub. If I simply pull the ethernet cable out from the base, after several seconds, it will connect to my wireless network. However, if I unplug the base to move it closer to the outdoor cam, it will not connect to wireless. It would seem that a power interruption clears the wireless connection, unless I’m missing something. What’s the point of having a wireless connection if the base has to remain right where it sits next to the router to maintain the connection?

App Version: 2.17.7
Base Firmware Version: