Should I upgrade firmware?

Started up the Wyze app on my iPad and a box came up advising me that a firmware upgrade is available and offering it to me.

Normally I’d just do it but people have been reporting problems after reflashing their cameras so I’m a little gun-shy.

What’s there now is working acceptably well enough, I guess… any reason why I should be nervous about upgrading?

I suppose I should provide a bit more detail… :expressionless:

Camera is the Floodlight model, just a few weeks old, with current firmware version

There have been a lot of features added since the version of the firmware.

I have tested and used every iteration of the new firmware since it was updated to 4.36.10.xxxx and have experienced minimal issues, most of which have been fixed.

Right now, if you use Alexa devices to stream your cams, you might want to hold off as there seems to be an issue they are working on with Alexa.

Some of the new features the new FW version will add: Support for full recording capacity past 90GB on 256GB SD Cards, ability to only record AI events to the cloud rather than all motion events, ability to selectively toggle notifications for specific AI Events that have been uploaded rather than all of them.

If you prefer, you can always read the feedback comments on any newly released firmware. New firmware release topics are always posted to the #news category. Here is the topic announcing and discussing the latest V3 Firmware release:

The Release Notes & Firmware page on the Wyze Knowledge Articles Help Site will also give you an indication of the features that have been added. Since you are on, all features added after that version will apply to your update. There have been four 4.36.10.xxxx versions released.

Lastly, if you are interested in what feedback was provided during the Beta Testing phase of this firmware release, you can review the posts in the #beta thread for this version.

Thanks, Chris. I appreciate the detailed response.

I wasn’t aware that there were any firmware releases since I periodically check to see if I’m running the latest revision and it has always reported that the firmware is up to date.

That is a really long story with MANY posts here in the forum. The original release was a slow rollout and piecemeal available to a small percentage of users at a time. It didn’t go so well and was halted. Attempt #2 was essentially the same. #3 was a bit longer but still created issues due to the security upgrades. The current version is also a slow rollout that users are getting over time. This is your time. It will only show an update for you if you are in the current release pool.