Sharing time lapse video crashes Wyze app

I created a time laps video yesterday. Now every time I try to share the video the app crashes and has to be restarted. Anyone else experienced this? Anyone know what the fix might be so I can share events photos and time lapse video again?




Have you tried downloading the time lapse video to your phone, and just sharing from there instead of via the app? What version is your app, and what type of phone do you have?

iPad, Wyze V2.0.18
No, I thought I sent the time lapse video yesterday via email but, I do not see it in my email.

Just sent another time lapse video I just created successfully via iPad to email. We’ll see if it makes it to my email this time.

For whatever reason the older time lapse still crashes the Wyze App when I click the share link at the bottom.

I sent the new time lapse video twice, neither of them have shown up in my email

Try updating to the latest version of the app - 2.0.21 and see if that helps.

Done, now let’s test the new version.

Okay it was crashing the app on both time lapse videos, now the update fixed the newer time lapse video and shows the send dialogue.

Let’s test the send.

No, not in my email and I do know it works because I sent email with both video and still shots from the cameras already from the same iPad at previous times.

Still crashes the Wyze app on the old time lapse video.

Verified updated to v2.0.21

The video not showing up in the email has to do with that particular email address even though I sent video and still clips to that email previously. It sends fine to an alternate email. The Wyze app crashing still occurs on the older time lapse video. The app update corrected the newer time lapse video crashing and I was able to send it to an alternate email address. Very strange.

Apparently the time lapsed video is downloaded to the iPad. Now I would guess that, that video resides on the µSD card in the camera that the time lapse video was shot on? I may have to extract it manually from the µSD card directly to the Mac.

Thanx for all of your assistance.