Sharing issues

My gf and I have a sharing problem :smiley:

We both share our cameras from our respective homes with the other. So far we had not experienced issues. These past few days we have very weird situations on new cameras we just shared.

In my sharing tab under account I can see a line where it appears I have shared her new camera with myself (I see it both under “accounts I share with” and “shared with me”, both with my own email address). That new camera does not appear in the list of cameras she shared with me, only in that very weird list of cameras I am supposed to have shared with myself.

She experiences the same issue with the 2 new cameras I shared with her this week. Exactly same problem.

She is on iOS, I am on Android, both beta builds and beta program.

We tried everything we could think of, both trying to stop sharing (does not work) and all the way to deleting the device and setting it up entirely from scratch again. Does not work.

Anyone else having this type of fun? Sharing is really a very weak part of the system in my opinion… I have a long list of frustrations about it (notifications, no sharing of home security to someone who already has an account, limitations if both people in a couple have say a smartwatch each, etc). And now this which looks like a bug. What a mess…