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First off, I know it is not possible to create a second “Admin” account for a single device. However, the “view only” limitation of the shared devices is something that Wyze should, and could very easily address. Simply adding a “User Group”, or “User Rights” setting to the invite users functionality would easily eliminate several issues many users are facing. The “Just share the admin credentials” answer we have all received, does NOT fix the problem (and creates other issues elsewhere (See wyze scale discussions). Simply being able to create a user group for “Managers” that would allow them to view playback and download videos from cameras, or “Users” that would them to view playback but NOT download (Etc) would greatly improve the functionality and allow us to use them for several more applications. I have 8 cameras at home that I share with my wife, but she cannot view playback because we also have a wyze scale. I have 14 cameras at a non-profit organization that has similar issues. I love what wyze is doing (mainly the price point), but these simple fixes could be implemented with very little cost.

Hello there and welcome to the WYZE forums. Your suggestion is good and I dig it. Have you looked at the wishlist section of the forums to see if someone has already made this suggestion? If not, I highly advise you consider taking a peek and if applicable making this suggestion there.

WYZE Customer Wishlist

Actually I just took a look and found this:

You may want to follow that link and give the suggestion an up-vote.

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Doesn’t seem to do much good to vote up wishlist items. There are items out there with 2000+ votes that have been there since 2018 with “Maybe Later” as the status.

I hear ya and no argument here. It’s definitely a case of do what you can and hope for the best or do nothing at all.

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there are also things on there with far less votes that are now released and have many of the suggestions of the Wyze community implemented into them :slight_smile:

such as the Wyze cam V3

and more on the way very soon :shushing_face: although no details can be given as those that know have been threatened with exile from the planet earth, launched into space in a small box filled will unmentionables that bite and sting…or so I’m told.