Admin being the one who can set/change settings, rules anything and everything, while members invited to group can only do what the admin allows the invited to do. Why is this not already set up this way

Members invited to by the Admin should only have liberties that the Admin allow the mornings to do. ie I as the Owner/ Admin should have the ability to set what the “Invited/Shared” member is able to set, change, delete/save and or view. The person I share with should not be given the same control/power that I the Owner and Administrator have. Their abilities and limitations should be set and decided by me. I’m aggravated that I set things as I would like them to be and a person I invited comes in and changes things or deleted clips that they should not be allowed to do, unless I allow them to.
Is there any of these options available now? Can I restricted invited members as to what they can do besides simply growing… As things stand those who I share my camera view with can do whatever they like.

I would appreciate any input and direction regarding this matter.


Currently that is the way. When an account shares a device installed on that account to another user, the shared user shares the detection and notification settings was the the original account. Currently there is no way to customize shared user permissions when sharing any type of device. Currently shared users are restricted on cameras from viewing the SD card playback from the shared camera and accessing some settings.

There is a current wish list that is tagged in progress and researching that could use your support by commenting and most importantly voting on to help further it.


Thank you for the input. I am very new to this app and community. I think I voted for the topic , I had attempted to.
Thank you again